FlyerHeroes - Brasil World Cup 2014 Templates Bundle

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FlyerHeroes - Brasil World Cup 2014 Templates Bundle

FlyerHeroes - Brasil World Cup 2014 Templates Bundle
5 Great Design PSD Templates | RAR 421 MB

World Cup Flyer Template 2

Another high quality World Cup Flyer Template by Industrykidz.

The focal piece of this design is the hyperrealistic World Cup Trophy model which sits boldly alongside the main title text.

With deep orange-red sunset colouring and a splash of the Brazilian flag, this flyer design is a great fit for your World Cup marketing efforts.

Easily change the colours, text and flag to suit individual soccer games that are being shown at your venue.

World Cup Flyer Template

This fiery World Cup Flyer Template is the ultimate way to promote football matches during the Fifa World Cup 2014.

Featuring a stunningly realistic model of the World Cup Trophy in the middle of a soccer pitch, it’s clear what this flyer is promoting from the millisecond the reader sees it.

Perfect for bars and clubs who’ll be showing live streams of football matches in their venues during the 2014 World Cup and need to promote the games to their customers.

With a clutter free design and minimal text layout, this flyer is very easy to edit. This easy-to-use Photoshop PSD enables you to create a fully-custom and print ready World Cup Flyer design in a matter of minutes.

Soccer Flyer Template 2

Clean, bold and standing tall. A professional way to represent your team this World Cup or advertise the football matches being shown at your venue.

The inclusion of a custom-made World Cup Trophy render makes this soccer flyer stand out as a World Cup promotion from the second a reader sees it.

Add in the colours and flags of the clashing teams and the design delivers a clear message without even reading the text.

Don’t want to use this template as a World Cup promo? That’s fine! If you’re looking for a generic soccer flyer template, simply replace the trophy with a football player or soccer ball and you’re good to go!

Image areas and text sections are very easy to edit and replace.

Soccer Flyer Template

Whilst this design has initially been created to help with World Cup promotions, it can actually make a great soccer flyer template for games outside of the Brazilian World Cup.

Whether you’re playing 5-a-side, having an inter-department soccer game or a football match between local schools, this flyer can help!

The background of the design is made up of a large modern football stadium with the grass pitch coming right up into the foreground of the flyer.

On top of the grass is a large soccer ball alongside a model of the World Cup trophy and Brazilian flag.

There are multiple large and bold text areas giving you plenty of room to maximise your message and clearly display the purpose of your flyer.

Whether for World Cup Quarter Finals being shown in your bar or a charity football match down the park, this soccer flyer template will surely help you make a great impression.

Image areas and text sections are very easy to edit and replace.

World Cup Flyer Template 3

Featuring the iconic World Cup Trophy as its main focal piece and surround by Vuvuzela, this World Cup Flyer Template is the perfect advertisement for upcoming Brazil World Cup matches.

Whether you need a poster to promote every individual event or something generic to display in your bar, this World Cup Flyer does the job well.

No stock images needed, just edit the footer text and you’re ready to print!

Image areas and text sections are very easy to edit and replace.


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